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Net carbs


On many of my recipes, I will calculate net carbs.  What I mean by net carbs is total carbohydrates, minus fiber and sugar alcohols.  This is what I count each day.  If you count differently and need to look up nutrition facts, I really love the USDA Nutrient Database.

What I really like about the USDA’s site is that it allows you to extrapolate amounts.  For example, many products will say 0g or >1g of carb for a single serving.  But when you make an entire recipe, you’re often using much more than a single serving, and you need to know when you actually hit 1 carb or more.

The USDA Nutrient Database allows you to do this.  Once you find an item that matches what you’re searching for, the next page will allow you to customize the amount you are using.  So even if the standard serving size is 1 Tbsp, you can easily put in 1 cup.  This helps you to get a more accurate nutrient profile.

I calculate net carbs based on USDA information and/or the information on the products I’m using.  The net carb count I include is my best estimate.  Since you may use different products, you may also want to calculate the net carbs on your own.