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Low carb review: Kavli Crispy Thin Crispbread


As I blogged about a few months ago, I’m a huge fan of the 34 Degrees Whole Grain Crispbreads.  However, I ran out of them last week, and I didn’t have a chance to get to Costco and pick more up.  However, we have a Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage right outside our neighborhood, so I ran over there hoping to find some to have with my Cheesy Buffalo Ranch Chicken Casserole.

Unfortunately, they didn’t carry them, but I found a great alternative, Kavli Crispy Thin Crispbreads.  They come in sheets about the size of a graham cracker, rather than in individual cracker rounds, and they are just about as thin as the 34 Degrees brand.  Plus, each large cracker checks in at only about 3g of net carbs!  And in spite of their thinness, they are strong and held up well under the thick casserole.

I will say that if you eat one of the Kavlis plain, they don’t have quite as much flavor as the 34 Degrees, but they also don’t include any of the “natural cheese flavor” that the 34 Degrees crispbreads do.  (I’m always suspicious of how “natural” anything called a “flavor” could possibly be.)  However, that’s not really a knock against them, because I’m not generally going to eat crackers plain when I’m low carbing; instead, I’m going to put something on them.  And with their very neutral flavor, they make a perfect vehicle for any dip or spread if you want something with a lot of crunch that won’t distract from the flavor of whatever you’re eating.

I just wish I had saved my receipt, because I don’t remember how much they cost.  I’m almost certain it was somewhere between $2 and $3, though, which makes them quite affordable since there are around 30 crackers per package.  Those 30 crackers will go a long way, because I only needed 2 for my entire serving of casserole.


Low carb review: 34 Degrees Whole Grain Crispbread


I stumbled on 34 Degrees Whole Grain Crispbreads while at Costco recently.  They were sampling some sort of dip spread on these paper-thin crackers, and I decided to give one a try.  Based on how thin they were, I figured there couldn’t be enough carb in one cracker to bother with.

I’m so glad I did, b/c they are absolutely one of my favorite low carb finds so far!  They are so incredibly crispy, and they really fit the bill when you are craving some crackers.  They actually don’t have much flavor on their own (both taste and consistency remind me a bit of Communion hosts!), but they make a great vehicle for a wide variety of toppings and give you a satisfying crunch.   And they’re remarkably healthy, made from only 3 ingredients and baked to achieve their remarkable crispiness.

Best of all, my instinct was right: at only 6 grams of carb per 9 crackers, they truly are low carb!  In most cases, 1 or 2 more than satisfies my cravings for a little something crunchy or crispy (but not greasy, the way pan-fried cheese can be), but even if I have a full serving (which I have when we’ve eaten a hearty dip for a meal), 6g generally fits pretty easily into my day.

In addition to eating them with dip, my other favorite way to have these delightful little crackers is spread with a bit of peanut butter.  In fact, if you make a sandwich of two crackers and peanut butter, it feels a bit like eating a sandwich cookie!  Actually, it’s really reminiscent of the peanut butter and crackers sandwiches you can often get out of vending machines, only so much healthier when made with these crackers and natural peanut butter.

Next time I’m at Costco, I plan to stock up on these babies!  They seem like the kind of item they might only carry periodically, and I can tell these are going to be a staple of my low-carb pantry.

Low carb review: Foster Farms Tequila Lime wings and Hot & Spicy wings


Big bags of both these varieties are available in the frozen section of  the Costco we shop at.  I originally bought the Hot & Spicy variety a few weeks ago, and as I was checking out, the checker raved to me about how good the Tequila Lime ones are (no link for these on the site – I hope that means they are new, not about to be discontinued!).  The flavor combo didn’t sound that appealing to me, but since I have a low threshhold for spice and the checker said they were so good, the next time I was at Costco, I decided to pick some up.

Boy, am I glad I did!

Both varieties have a very low carb count – only 1 carb per 3 wings – so they make a nice lazy night entree.  They also cook up nice and crispy in the oven, especially the Tequila Lime variety.

Nate really likes the Hot & Spicy variety, although they are a bit much for me.  Like I said, I have a low spice tolerance.  I’ll eat them, but they make my lips burn.  They’re probably about the equivalent of a medium at most wing places.

But the Tequila Lime are my far and away my favorite.  The seasoning is actually quite subtle.  Really, these are just delicious wings, and I’ve always been a fan of good wings, perfectly plain.

Beyond the excellent flavor, the best part about these wings is that they are roasted (not deep fried) and turn out really crispy when you cook them in the oven.  I have the best results when I use the longest cooking time of 33 minutes, and I make sure to stick them in straight from the freezer.  I feel like letting frozen foods defrost a bit before cooking tends to make them soggier, although I have no scientific evidence to prove that point.  All I know is that I get excellent, crispy wings every time when I don’t take them out of the freezer until the oven is preheated.

Hint: definitely follow the directions and line your pan with foil and spray with nonstick spray, but they’ll still stick.  However, if you wait about 5 minutes after you take them out of the oven (hard, with the tempting aroma wafting through the house), you’ll a) continue to have fingerprints (a plus or a minus, depending on your penchant for crime), and b) be able to gently remove them from the foil without having a bunch of meat and skin stick to it.