I’m moving to Kansas


That’s the flattest place in the country, right?  Because I’m tired of all these hills!  I mapped a route today that I was sure would be relatively flat, only to discover that it had the biggest hill of any route I’ve walked yet!  (And yes, exclamation points were necessary to end both those sentences!)

I chose this route because I was certain the roads to the west of the main road that cuts through our neighborhood were flatter.  That’s the direction the kids’ school is in, and most of those roads aren’t too bad.  As you get near that major road, if you’re to the west of it and headed east, there are some hills.  But if you’re headed west, you’re walking downhill.

So I planned to walk along that major road for a bit and then head west, which I figured would either be flat or downhill, and then loop back home.  Apparently, though, being .5 mile further south in our neighborhood made all the difference, because much to my chagrin, the road I looped on is a fairly steep and long hill.  I hit my fastest average pace today, but a big part of that was not having the kids with me for the first part of the walk.  If it weren’t for that hill, I would’ve blown my fastest pace away rather than just squeaking by it (20:00 minute mile vs. 20:02 minute mile).

In all seriousness, I know the hills are good for me.  In the long run, they’ll give me more intense workouts in less time and build my endurance faster.  But man oh man, it’s tough on a beginner!


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  1. Whew – glad you made it!!! Those hills are killer – remember the hills in our old neighborhood? They often did me IN!! But you are so right – in the long run, they will burn off the calories faster and build up your endurance sooner…but I can understand the pain!!!!!

  2. Oh yeah, I remember. After all, our current neighborhood is practically the same neighborhood, just about a mile further north! So the terrain is very, very similar.

    I’m pretty sure I found a route for tomorrow that won’t be so bad. None of it is new – it’s all roads I’ve already walked, and I don’t recall any of them including any big hills. I’ll give my poor legs a chance to rest a bit!

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