New exercise clothes and more


Last week, I walked every day in a pair of jeans.  For a casual walk, that’s not so terrible.  But I still wanted a pair of exercise pants that wouldn’t slide around so much when I walked, so over the weekend, I picked up an inexpensive pair.

I had every intention of getting a pair with pockets so that I could put my phone in my pocket when I walk.  (I use an app called RunKeeper to track how far I walk, so I need to be able to bring it with me.)  Unfortunately, when you are a plus-sized woman and have exactly two pants styles to choose from, you aren’t able to be very picky.  Which is to say: I ended up with a pair of pants without pockets.

This is also a fact that I forgot until last night, as I was laying in bed, when it was too late to do anything about it.  However, as I mulled the issue over in my head, I realized the solution would be to carry a small purse that I can sling across my body.  Unfortunately, the only crossbody purse I have is fairly big and heavy.  I used it today, but I knew I needed to have something smaller and lighter

So after I came home and showered, I headed out to Goodwill, hoping I could find something super cheap there.  They had a couple of crossbody purses, but the prices were outrageous for used – $10!  Both were too big anyway, but I was really shocked at the price since neither was a couture brand or anything.

However, the trip was not a total bust.  I did find a couple of cute new pairs of shoes, three long-sleeved tees for my walks as the mornings cool down more, and best of all – a motivational shirt!  It’s a size down from what I wear now, and super cute, but definitely too snug through the belly.  It was only $3.49, so I snapped it up.  My goal is to be able to comfortably wear it by sometime early next year.

Finally, I headed up the road to Target, hoping they would have a purse that fit my walking needs, and I got lucky!  There was exactly ONE purse like this left, and it was on clearance for only $7.  It’s a nice, lightweight cotton purse that I can fit my phone and some lip balm into easily.  There’s also enough room for my keys if I go out on a day when no one is home, and I need to lock the door behind me.

Between my haul over the past couple of days and the new shoes I got a week ago, I feel totally prepared for this new exercising adventure in my life!


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