A week of milestones – emphasis on “mile”


Just two weeks ago, I was still dreading exercise.  I knew I needed to start, but I’d known that since at least May.  I kept putting it off.  Just 11 days ago, I finally forced myself to put in an exercise video.  I hated it.  Things were not looking good.

And then 9 days ago, I decided to try something else, and I walked the kids into school, which is about a mile round trip, and it turned out not to be too bad.  Except for the heat and the uncomfortable shoes.  By Saturday, Mother Nature had taken care of the weather, and my own mother (and father) had taken care of the shoes.

I still didn’t really want to walk, but I figured I had no more excuses, so I suggested we take a family walk – and something magical happened.  I found I kind of enjoyed it.  So on Sunday, with less (metaphorical) foot dragging on my part, we did it again.  And then on Monday, we went to the zoo, which amounted to another mile.  And then Tuesday, school was back, and I walked the kids in.  And I did it again on Wednesday.  Then Thursday.  And finally again today, even in spite of some challenges.

I have walked approximately one mile every.single.day.for.a.week.  And I – I can hardly believe I’m about to type this – have enjoyed it.  I’m honestly looking forward to each walk, especially in this gorgeous fall weather.  Just two weeks ago, I would have believed the following things were more likely to happen than my looking forward to a walk:

  1. The Pope converting to Hinduism.
  2. Democrats and Republicans in Congress agreeing on something.
  3. Peace in the Middle East.
  4. Dogs and cats walking upright and talking to me.

And yet, here I am, 7 days in, and genuinely looking forward to making it 8.  I’m excited to feel the cool air on my warm skin.  I’m excited to have that moment where I walk in the door and collapse onto the couch and just sit there and feel the blood coursing through my body.  I’m excited to see the joy on my kids faces when they hear we are going to take a family walk.  I can hardly even wrap my mind around all of this.

Then to top everything off?  I had a  great night out with some friends last night, and so I didn’t low carb.  I had chips and salsa, some amazing flautas, beans and rice, and three margaritas.  (What can I say?  They were really good, and I wasn’t driving…)  I got on the scale this morning fully expecting to have gained anywhere from 1-3 lbs since yesterday.  Instead?  Down .2 lbs!  I don’t think I’ve ever had an off plan day where I woke up the next morning to any weight loss at all, even a small one.  Now I do often have a 2nd gain the 2nd day after going off plan, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the scale goes up tomorrow.  But the fact that it still went down today is amazing.  And it also just happens to be my lowest weight since I started this journey in January.

TGIF, indeed!  It’s been an amazing Friday so far.


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