Low carb review: Kavli Crispy Thin Crispbread


As I blogged about a few months ago, I’m a huge fan of the 34 Degrees Whole Grain Crispbreads.  However, I ran out of them last week, and I didn’t have a chance to get to Costco and pick more up.  However, we have a Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage right outside our neighborhood, so I ran over there hoping to find some to have with my Cheesy Buffalo Ranch Chicken Casserole.

Unfortunately, they didn’t carry them, but I found a great alternative, Kavli Crispy Thin Crispbreads.  They come in sheets about the size of a graham cracker, rather than in individual cracker rounds, and they are just about as thin as the 34 Degrees brand.  Plus, each large cracker checks in at only about 3g of net carbs!  And in spite of their thinness, they are strong and held up well under the thick casserole.

I will say that if you eat one of the Kavlis plain, they don’t have quite as much flavor as the 34 Degrees, but they also don’t include any of the “natural cheese flavor” that the 34 Degrees crispbreads do.  (I’m always suspicious of how “natural” anything called a “flavor” could possibly be.)  However, that’s not really a knock against them, because I’m not generally going to eat crackers plain when I’m low carbing; instead, I’m going to put something on them.  And with their very neutral flavor, they make a perfect vehicle for any dip or spread if you want something with a lot of crunch that won’t distract from the flavor of whatever you’re eating.

I just wish I had saved my receipt, because I don’t remember how much they cost.  I’m almost certain it was somewhere between $2 and $3, though, which makes them quite affordable since there are around 30 crackers per package.  Those 30 crackers will go a long way, because I only needed 2 for my entire serving of casserole.


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  1. I’d forgotten about Kavli – I grew up with those…maybe they’re Scandinavian?? Nanny and your great-aunt Mabel ALWAYS had them on hand! They are super thin, but pretty flavorless, which does make them a perfect vehicle for anything you want to put on them. I’ll have to buy some for myself and be reminded of my childhood (I hated them then, btw!!).

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