Another mile accomplished


I did it again!  Today is the 4th day in a row that I have walked one mile.  Of course, yesterday was a very leisurely mile, as we were at the zoo, but I had my Runkeeper app running on my phone, and when we got back to the car, I had gone exactly .99 mi.

Today, I walked the kids in to school, but I forgot to start Runkeeper on my way out the door.  However, I know it is about .4 miles to the school.  On my way home, I turned it on, and that logged in at .65, so I think I can safely say I walked one mile.

It’s funny what a huge difference the weather makes.  By the end of our zoo trip yesterday, I was feeling pretty wiped out, and my back and knees were hurting.  But as Nate pointed out, we were actually on our feet for 2 hours, which makes a big difference.  Also, it was somewhere around 15 to 20 degrees warmer than it was on our Sat and Sun walks.

Today, it was 65, and it felt absolutely great to get out and walk in that!  It’s really just about ideal walking weather.  And thank goodness it was, because I almost decided to come straight home and skip adding the extra leg that gets me to a mile.  With good reason, though – I am blistering on my heels some, and I was worried when I first put my shoes on that they were too uncomfortable.  I wore flip flops to the zoo yesterday to let them rest, but they’re still a bit sensitive.  Once I got going, however, they weren’t too bad.  But unfortunately, one of the bandages rubbed off while I was walking and reopened one of the blisters.  Tomorrow, I may have to walk with open backed shoes to give them a day to heal.

Overall, though, great walk!  I really, really love this weather, and it feels exhilarating and energizing.  There’s something about that cool air combined with a warm body that makes my skin tingle.  It makes me look forward to tomorrow’s walk!


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  1. Sorry to hear about the blisters – hopefully it’s not the shoes?? If if is, can you go back to the shoe place and see about exchanging for a diff size or style??? You are really getting into the “feel” of the exhiliration that comes after a good brisk walk on a cool, brisk day! Congratulations, honey!!!!!!!

    • I think it’s because I’m wearing the shoes without socks. They sell special socks to go with them, but I just read a trick that tappers use to keep from blistering: duct tape! I think I may try that (over a bandage, of course, until the blisters heal), and see if that helps, b/c I’d really rather avoid buying the socks. I like the barefoot feel in the shoe!

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