Another good walk


Today, we took a walk to the park.  It’s another gorgeous day, and the park is almost exactly .5 miles away.  This is perfect, since my goal right now, as I break in the Vibrams and reacclimate myself to exercise, is to get one mile per day.

And truly, it was GREAT.  Like…I actually enjoyed it.  If you know me well, I’ll wait a minute to go on so that you can pick your jaw up off the ground…

The walk to the park was nice enough.  The kids rode their bikes, and Maggie and I were a little ahead of Nate and Gus.  I could definitely feel the burn by the end, especially because the play area of the park is at the top of a fairly steep hill.

But what I really liked was the walk home.  I left a few minutes ahead of the rest of the gang, and since I didn’t have to worry about tripping over the kids or making sure they stopped at intersections and all that jazz, I set a little harder pace for myself.  Not a hard pace, by any means – it was pretty close to a 20 minute mile – but a pace that gave me a small sense of exertion.

And it felt so good.  I wasn’t in pain or heaving out of breath, both of which would have been true had I walked even a block at a slower pace one year ago.  This just felt – alive.  It helped that the weather was glorious, and I’m one of those people who loves fall above all other seasons.

But there’s something more, too.  Something I can’t quite articulate.  It just felt good and right and energizing in a way that exercise never has for me before.  And so now I’m looking even more forward to Tuesday morning, when I’ll get to take another solo walk after I drop the kids at school, than I was yesterday!

Life is SO good!


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