Exercise success


As I have probably mentioned multiple times before, exercise is really hard for me.  It’s not something I enjoy, and before I started low carbing in January, I had reached an all-time low for physical fitness.  Walking a short block had me out of breath.  It also caused a lot of pain in my hips and back, and that made me scared to start exercising again.

However, in June, I realized that losing 40 lbs. had helped get me to a point where I knew I was capable of doing some moderate exercise.  I had grand plans to walk at the park this summer.  But as usual, those never quite materialized.  For the first half of the summer, it was lack of time.  When I finally found I had the time in August, it was HOT.  Colorado summers are pretty bearable, but this was one of the hottest Augusts on record.  I’m not a big fan of heat, and unfortunately, I let it keep me indoors.

So finally, when the kids started school, I thought that this would be a good time.  I’m taking on more work from home, and I knew I would need to carefully schedule my days to fit it all in.  I decided I would start scheduling exercise into my day, too, and I set the date to begin for 8/29, when my work schedule for the fall would begin.

Monday morning, I woke up and I put in an exercise video I bought several years ago and never even unwrapped.  It was a Latin dance video that seemed fun.  Let’s just say that things did not go well.  And that Maggie most definitely did not inherit a dance gene from me. 😉  After 15 minutes, I tired of feeling stupid and quit for the day.  My goal right now is only 20 minute sessions, so I felt like it was a good start.

I took Tuesday off, and I spent the day trying to figure out what I could do today that I would like better.   Then it occurred to me that today was a late start at school, and I would need to take the kids in.  (Nate usually does mornings, and I pick up after school.)  Typically, I would drive.  It’s not quite a 1/2 mile, and I know that’s pathetic, but…well, see above.  I was really, really out of shape for a very long time.  Today, however, I decided to take the plunge and walk them in.

I almost didn’t.  I still have this huge mental block about exercise, and I was genuinely scared that I couldn’t do it.  That’s why I’ve continued to drive to school.  And then I remembered that this weekend, we went to the new Ikea in town.  It’s been open a month, but it’s still a zoo, and I’m pretty sure we walked a 1/2 mile to the entrance and then back to our car.  I figured if I could do that, I could handle this.

And I did!  I will admit to having major second thoughts when I walked outside and realized that it was much hotter than I had anticipated.  But the kids were really excited, so I plowed forward.  And in the end, it wasn’t too bad.  My legs were a little wobbly by the time I got home, but a lot of that was just from the heat.  (C’mon, fall!)

The biggest problem is shoes.  I got some Easy Spirits last year that are clog style and have a strap at the heel but the sole of a tennis shoe.  I figured they’d be fine for light exercise.  And they probably are.   But they were slipping all over, and the bottoms of my feet got very sore because of it.  I suppose it could be the socks, too.  And that’s the tough part – how will I know what works for me if I don’t get to take a decent walk to try them out?  These seemed perfectly fine the first time I tried them on; I didn’t know the problems I would have until I walked a longer distance.   In any case,  I don’t have much of a discretionary budget right now anyway for buying a pricey pair of shoes.  So I’m trying to figure out how to work around this issue, because having shoes and/or socks that hurt my feet really is an impediment to exercising.

Overall, though, it felt very good.  I walked pretty close to a mile at a slow-moderate pace (I’d guess it was close to a 20-minute mile – hard to say exactly though, since I had to walk into the school and get Gus signed in smack dab in the middle of it), and I wasn’t heaving and out of breath.  My backs and hips didn’t hurt like they used to.  My only complaints were the heat (fixed by fall) and my feet (fixed with new shoes and/or socks eventually).  It was a step I’ve been scared to take for a long time, but I took it today, and that gives me the courage to take more.


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  1. Congratulations both on your weight loss, and your foray into exercise. I would take walking as exercise any day – at least that can be done passably well without someone giving us instructions via a DVD.

  2. Thanks! I like walking, but I only like it when the weather is nice. 😉 Which, at least now that I live in CO, is a fairly decent chunk of the year. But there are still a few months per year where it is either too hot or too snowy. I wish I could find an indoor exercise I enjoyed that I could also do at home. A gym membership is no more in my current budget than new shoes. :p

    • I personally use a treadmilll that we invested in and I enjoy using it. I get up early and exercise before it gets ho during the summer – and of course in winter it warms me up 🙂

      • We have a treadmill, but we’ve got no place good to put it! Our current house is just not designed in a way where we can put it anywhere with access to the TV, and that’s the only way I can tolerate walking on the treadmill.

  3. You are awesome! I now to you! I have to start doing something & like you hate exercising. Boring! I danced up a storm at a recent bat mitzvah party – Jess was mortified ;). If I could go to a fun party every day, I’d be thin – lol!

    Your shoe may not fit right bc of the weight loss! Until you can get a good pair, get something from payless or target to hold you over. Not worth the pain & blisters from I’ll fitting shoes.

    You go girl!

    • I knew what you meant, LOL. And really, don’t bow to me b/c I exercised twice. 🙂 I’ve got a long way to go before exercise becomes a regular habit of mine. Heck, part of the reason I wrote this post was to make it public and thereby make myself a bit more accountable. However, after being firmly on this diet for 7 months – a feat I have never before accomplished in my life – I’m starting to feel a little more confident in myself, which makes me think that if I did that, I can do this, too…

  4. You might check Target, Payless, or Walmart. Just an inexpensive pair of tennis shoes that either tie or velcro should hold you over until you can invest in a good pair of shoes. Don’t go for fashion, go for fit.
    Once you have some extra cash, ask some locals for a referral to a shoe store for runners. You want to see someone who knows feet AND shoes. The shoes will cost a hell of a lot more than you ever want to spend for tennis shoes but, damn! They will be good to your feet, knees, hips, and back like nothing you’ve ever felt before. And they let you really walk around in them (outside, inside, all over the place to make sure that they feel right).

    • I know of a very good running store around here, and that is where I want to go eventually. In the meantime, I just worry about wasting more money, b/c even cheap pairs aren’t truly cheap. Tennis shoes at Payless still run around $30 or $40, I think. I think I want to try some different socks first. There is a chance that they were just slippery. The shoes were appropriately snug at my heel and across the top of my foot, so I wonder if it was just that the socks made me feet slide around when I stepped down.

  5. Mich, your dad and I would like to help in any way we can, so we decided we could buy you a pair of walking shoes…look on Zappo (where you exchange them at no cost if you don’t like them) and send me the link – we’ll get them ordered. If you’d rather go to a store, let me know and we can do that, too. It’s one tiny thing we can do to help you take that next step. I know the kids must be so excited to have mommy walking them to school, and it IS a perfect excuse to get out and get going early in the morning. I love the idea!! Stick with it and I’m betting you’ll be amazed at the difference by the end of Sept…I’m so excited for you!!
    Love you,

    • OH man, mom, you are going to make me cry. And it’s not a tiny thing at all. You guys have already helped us so much.

      I don’t even know what else to say but thank you, thank you, thank you.

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