Weekly weigh in, May 20


OK, I’m finally going to resurrect this blog, which I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time now!  One small change that you’ll notice is that I am now doing weigh ins on Friday, rather than Mondays.  As I noted in my earlier post, we are strategically splurging with some frequency, and it’s usually on the weekends.  When I do that, I generally see a small gain for a day or two and then drop after that.  Well, the problem with weighing on Mondays is that I am often on the “small gain” day, and that’s a bit disheartening.  So I decided to switch to Fridays from here on out, which actually works out well since we technically started on a Thursday.  My “weeks on diet” count will be more accurate now!

Alright, with no further ado, here are my latest results:

Weight Lost, Current Week: 1.8 lbs
Weight Lost, Total:
38.2 lbs
Weeks on Diet:  17

Will I finally break 40 next week?  I sure hope so!  It was my goal to lose 40.6 lbs by June 1 (it makes for a nice, round number on the scale), and I feel pretty good that I’m going to make it!


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  1. That’s such great news, Michelle – it’s amazing what 17 little weeks can do!!!! I’m so proud of you…I know you’ll accomplish what you want – you’ve proved you’ve got the right attitude to stick to it and do whatever you want!!!
    Love you so very much,

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