Weekly weigh in, Apr. 4


Last week was not a great week.  I was sick for most of it, and…well, there’s a reason they are called comfort foods.  I found myself craving all kinds of things that were clearly NOT a part of a low-carb eating plan.  So on 3 different days, I ended up having something a bit carby (chicken fingers with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce a couple of times, a burrito bowl at Chipotle with rice in it another time).  Because of all that, my weight loss was definitely not on par with last week’s.

Weight Lost, Current Week: 1.2 lbs
Weight Lost, Total: 28.4 lbs
Weeks on Diet: 10

However, all things considered, I was pretty proud of myself for a) not giving in to the peppermint ice cream that I realized was still in the freezer, even though it sounded like bliss for my sore throat, and b) not just throwing in the towel for the entire time I was sick.  Both of those were major temptations.  Given how sick I was for about 3 days, I consider it quite a victory that I didn’t eat whatever I felt like.  That’s what I wanted to do, but I managed to stay mostly on track and the scale still moved down a bit.  To quote Adam Sandler, “Not too shabby!”



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  1. Michelle, I’m glad you look at your successes too – it can really help keep you going. Conrats on the weight loss! Any week where the scale shows any kind of loss is a reason to celebrate!

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