A milestone of sorts


I stepped on the scale this morning, and I’ve lost another .8 lbs since yesterday.  This, in and of itself, made me pretty happy.  It’s nice to finally be on a consistently downward trend, and that’s even after dinner out with a friend last night that included two (low carb!) beers.  But I also realized that it was a bit of a milestone.

For those of you who have also struggled with your weight, you know how there are a few numbers in your head that you remember as your “highest weight ever,” that spurred you to go on a diet and lose some weight?  But of course, that diet didn’t last, and eventually you ended up even heavier until you hit a new “highest weight ever” that got you going again.  And so on.

Well, I’ve got 5 of those numbers in my head.  One of them was the one that got me going this time, so of course that one was “beaten” almost immediately.  The next one was only 10 lbs. under that, so it also got beaten awhile ago.

But I’m now about 2 lbs under my 3rd number, and I’m pretty proud of that that!  That was a number I hit almost exactly 6 years ago.  And although that number got me back on the diet wagon and I quickly dropped about 20 lbs, I also had some stresses going on in my life that knocked me off the wagon after less than 2 months.  I didn’t immediately put the weight back on, but I’d say that I’ve been above that number for at least half of the last 6 years.

So it feels good to be at this weight only 2 months in, especially because I’m still feeling very motivated.  The longest I’ve EVER consistently worked on my weight in the past is 4 months, but usually I drop out around the 2 month mark.  The fact that I’m still feeling good about how I’m eating and not tempted to quit (most of the time) at this point is a really good thing.

In fact, I have set the fourth “highest weight ever” number in my head as my goal for June 1.  It’s only 15.8 lbs from where I am right now, and I know I can do it.  After that, it’s a short 20 lbs to the last number I have in my head, and then I will be the lightest I’ve been since 2003!  Another 20 lbs from there will get me to my lowest weight since 1999!  Broken up into small chunks like that, I really feel confident that I can do this!

And I’m going to end this with a few more exclamation points because they’re fun and I’m in a good mood like that!!!!!


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  1. You are doing great, Michelle!!!!!!! You should be very proud of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. SMALL GOALS!!!! That is so important, honey, and I’m so glad you are practicing that. Any “big picture” needs to be broken down into small pieces to be manageable. You are doing it right!!!!!!!!!!

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