Back from the doctor


As I wrote about on Monday, I finally quit delaying and made an appointment to see my doctor today about getting back on Metformin for my insulin resistance (IR).  I was first diagnosed back in 2001 when I was having trouble getting pregnant.  I was on Avandia for a little while, then taken off when I got pregnant.  When Maggie was about 9 months old, they put me on Metformin, and I stayed on that all through Gus’s pregnancy and for a couple years after.  Then we moved here, and I didn’t have a doctor, and I didn’t have time to find one, and I’ve been off for 2 years.  I suspect that’s part of the reason why the weight is being so much more stubborn this time.

Anyway, one of my big fears was that I would be subjected to the 3-hour glucose test again, which is absolutely miserable.  Because my body builds up so much extra insulin waiting for my body to respond, once it does respond, my blood sugar crashes to a ridiculously low level, which makes me feel very, very ill, and it takes a couple of hours to recover from it.

So when I went in today, I hoped that once I told her my history, she’d just write me the script.  She was very understanding as I told her everything, taking notes, and then she said, “Yes, we should definitely get you tested and get you back on Met.”  I immediately cringed and said, “Am I going to have to take the 3-hour glucose test?”  And she said, “Oh no, definitely not!”


She told me that she was never a fan of that test and that clinical recommendations have changed in recent years anyway.  So instead of the 3-hour test, all she needed to do was an A1C test, which gives a snapshot of what my blood sugar has been for the past 3 months.  The results will either show normal (unlikely), pre-diabetic (the same thing as IR) or diabetic.  I sure hope I have not managed to eat myself into the latter category.

She also gave me the names of some of her own favorite apps for diet and exercise tracking.  I really need to upgrade my 1st generation iPod touch so I can access the app store!

Overall, I was very pleased with the visit.  Not only do I feel like she’s totally on board with helping me move forward (that has not always been my experience), she didn’t make me feel judged at all.  In fact, she complimented me at one point, saying that I was obviously knowledgeable about what IR meant and how I needed to handle it.  And when I made a self-deprecating joke, she countered it by saying that good diet and exercise are a struggle for most people, implicitly telling me to go easier on myself.  Having an understanding doctor makes such a tremendous difference, because it’s just one less barrier to me seeking out the medical assistance that I need.

Here’s to better health!


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