Weekly weigh in, Mar. 7


I’m not thrilled to report that this is the 2nd frustrating week in a row for me.  In fact, according to my original weight this morning, I’d actually gained .4 lbs from last week (although it was slightly down from yesterday and from my peak over the weekend).  But I stepped on again later in the day, and for some reason was down .6 from the morning, so if I use that weight, I have another miniscule net loss.

  • Weight Lost, Current Week: 0.4 lbs
  • Weight Lost, To Date: 19.8 lbs
  • Weeks on Diet: 6
  • I did go off plan a bit for one day, although that was intentional – I’d read about trying to keep your body from getting in a rut by switching things up every so often.  I figured it was worth a try to break through this plateau, so last Tues, I allowed myself some bread and a few other carbs.  I intentionally stayed away from dessert b/c I know that’s a slippery slope for me, although I did have a bit of some sugar in a banana that had been fried and topped with a bit of caramel sauce.  It was served as a side, and since it was mostly fruit, I thought it would be OK.

    In any case, clearly this strategy did not work.  The next day was actually fine, but over the next couple of days, I actually put ON two lbs., which have come off again yesterday and today.  I don’t really know if the splurge was responsible for the weight gain, given that the week before I had more or less the same experience without the splurge.  Actually, I guess I didn’t have the temporary spike, but I lost even less last week than I did this week.

    I do have a theory as to what is going on, and a plan for the next month or two, but I’ll get to that in another post.


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