Daily affirmation, 2/23/2011


I had one of those little moments of self-awareness today that I’m proud of, so that is my affirmation for the day.

I have some work to do today, and when I got out of the shower, I thought, “I’ll wait and do my make up later, when it’s time to take Maggie to dance.”  But then I stopped and remembered – I’m not doing my make up for other people.  I’m doing it for me.  To remind myself that taking care of myself is inherently valuable.  So I stopped what I was doing and took 5 minutes to put a little make up on.  I even added my favorite perfume.  Because I am worth taking care of.

What is your affirmation for the day?  Remember, you can comment anonymously!


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  1. MY affirmation would have to be that I’ve raised 2 wonderful, beautiful, loving, caring daughters, and that makes ME proud to your mother…and if I’ve been a good mother, then I’ve been a good person and I most definitely deserve to take care of myself. Thank you for reminding me of what I am thankful for, and why I’m worth taking care of myself…

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