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I realize I haven’t written here in over a week.  Right after I started this blog, I had to attend one of Maggie’s dance competitions, and those are so intense that I end wiped up out for a few days.

Although to be honest, I guess I feel like I haven’t had much to say yet.  I’m now about 3.5 weeks in, and it’s going fairly well.  We’ve discovered a lot of good foods that keep us feeling pretty satisfied and not deprived.  I actually don’t have a lot of cravings.  Normally, I’d be majorly craving sweets, but I’ve even found some decent substitutes there.  I’m trying not to overdo it on those b/c I really don’t like all those nasty chemicals.  But the conclusion I finally came to as part of my decision to start this diet is that no amount of chemicals could possibly be as unhealthy as the weight I’m at.  So I eat them in moderation and will mostly wean off of them in the future.  For right now, though, they are my crutch.

Oddly, what I am craving most is bread and milk.  I’m used to having a big glass of milk with dinner; it just doesn’t seem like dinner to me without it.  And I’m cooking lots of great dinners, so it’s hard for me not to have a glass of milk alongside.  Also, my kids have been on a mini bagel kick, but even a mini bagel has almost as many carbs as I indulge in on a typical day, so they’re still out of the question.  Down the line, I hope to enjoy them again.  I think if I could add a glass of juice at breakfast, a bagel or some crackers for snacks, and milk at dinner, I’d actually be quite happy.  One day!

For those wondering, here are some of my favorite foods right now:


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  1. Don’t sound so surprised! Haha. The roasted chicken dijon was particularly amazing. And I really think you’d love the flax muffins. They’re such a healthy and filling way to start the day!

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